Monday, 26 March 2007

Zakat - 109


Voluntary Charity (Sadaqah)

Giving voluntary charity is recommended at all times; especially:

(a) during Ramadhan;

(b) before praying for something one needs e.g. when there is an eclipse, illness, or journey;

(c) and at all noble times and places - (example) times such as the first 10 Days of Zulhijjah or the Days of Eid and (example) places such as Makkah or Madinah.

It is superior to give charity to:

(a) righteous people - meaning those who give Allah and His slaves their due;

(b) to one's relatives which is better than giving to the righteous,;

(c) and even those of them who are one's enemies, and this is better than giving to one's friends among them.

It is better to give from the best of one's wealth - meaning that which is lawful.

It is offensive to give charity from one's wealth that is a doubtful source; or giving what is of poor quality.

It is unlawful to give property that has been unlawfully obtained when one knows its rightful owner. If one does not know its owner, then one must give it as charity or taxes to remove it from one's possession.

It is unlawful to give as charity - money needed to support one's dependents or needed to pay a debt that is currently due, and this is clearly because supporting one's dependents or paying a current debt are obligatory, and obligatory acts take precedence over recommended ones.

It is recommended to give away in charity everything one owns that is in excess of personal expenses and the expenses of those one is obliged to support, provided one can be patient with the resultant poverty. But if one cannot endure patience, then it is offensive to give away what is in excess of one's needs.

When performing voluntary charity, it is offensive to ask for anything besides Paradise with the words - "for the sake of Allah" / "by the countenance of Allah" / "by the entity of Allah" - though if someone does, it is offensive not to give his/her request.

It is unlawful to remind a recipient of charity that one has given him/her, and this action eliminates the reward.

It is permissible to give charity to a person not in need, or to a relative of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

It is offensive for a person not in need to accept charity,and it is preferable that he avoid it. It is unlawful for such a person to accept it if he pretends to be needy, and is unlawful for him to ask for charity.

It is permissible to give charity to Non-Muslims.

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