Friday, 16 March 2007

Three Acts That Protect Us Against Shaytaan

Rasulullah SAW prescribed three acts that serve as a deterrent against the Shaytaan:

1. Perfecting one's Wudhu - this involves taking care of the obligatory requisites, and in addition to that - the sunnahs of Wudhu including using Miswak (toothstick), gargling, as well as being careful of how much water is used so that wastage does not occur;

2. Proceeding towards the Masjid - this is especially applicable when welcoming the time of fardh solat. All males should perform their fardh solat with jama'ah at a place where azan is called i.e. a place specially designated for solat like the mosque, musalla, surau, prayer room etc;

3. Waiting for the next Solat after completing Solat - this advice from Ahadith proves that waiting for solat cannot be regarded as wasting time, Nau'udzubillah. The more time a person is in the masjid, the more spiritual reward he will obtain, and the more spiritual benefit he will reap. This statement also counter-explains that we as Muslims should not over-devote our time to professional obligations and enjoyment. Although some claim that these activities are also "Deen", but this was not the way of our pious predecessors, what more Rasulullah SAW. Many people know that Rasulullah SAW was involved in trading, but not many people know that after revelation came down, he (SAW) stopped this and devoted his (SAW) life to the mission of Da'wah.

If one adheres to all these three, then InshaAllah - he will be able to maintain his spirit of Imaan at all times. What is sowed will be what is reaped.

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