Friday, 16 March 2007

Quick Hadith 115

Abu Hurairah RA reports that Rasulullah SAW said:

"When any of you are invited (for meals) he should attend. If he is not fasting he should partake of the meals and if he is fasting he should make Du'a for that person." (Sahih Muslim)


The above authentic narration is sufficient to rectify two misconceptions that dominate the minds of many Muslims today:

(a) that if invited - then the person must go and break his fast if he is fasting; and
(b) that if invited - then if he is fasting, he will not attend the meal.

The above narration displays the beauty of Mu'asharat (social dealings) in Islam, whereby a host will not have his food wasted, should the invitees decline his invitation; and that even if an invitee is fasting, he will still attend the gathering which has the effect of mahabbat and da'wah to the host, and everyone else in the gathering. Nevertheless, it should be noted that an invitee may politely decline an invitation if he clearly suspects acts of disobedience taking place at the very function, even if he is not fasting. May Allah SWT save us all.

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