Friday, 23 March 2007

The Hair of Rasulullah SAW 0303, 0304 & 0305


Baraa bin Aazib RA reports:

"Rasulullah (SAW) was of average hight, and the portion between the two shoulders was wide. His hair was till his ear lobes".


Qatadah bin Da'aamah As-Sadusi RA relates:

"I asked Anas RA - 'How was the hair of Rasulullah (SAW)?'. He replied: 'It was not very twisted, nor very straight. It had a slight twist and was a bit curled, and reached till his ear-lobes'."


Ummi Hani binti Abu Talib RA says:

"Rasulullah (SAW) came to Makkah once after the Hijrah. His mubarak hair had four plaits."


According to well-known reliable sources, Rasulullah SAW came to Makkah Mukarramah four times after the Hijrah. The first, at the time of Umratul Qadhaa in the 7th year Hijri; then at the time of Fathu Makkah (Conquest of Makkah) in the 8th year Hijri and in the same journey for Umratul Ja'iraanah; and lastly in the 10th year Hijri for Hajj.

The journey mentioned in the third narration above, according to Imam Bayjuri RA is at the time of the Conquest of Makkah.

For men to make plaits like women is discouraged. By the Arabic word Ghadaa'ir in this hadith, one should take to mean that, "in which that there is no similitude", because Rasulullah SAW forbade himself. Thus it is understood here that the plaits on the hair of Rasulullah SAW is not like that common to women.

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