Thursday, 8 March 2007

Aqidah 106

Allah Ta'ala is Omnipotent. This means that Allah SWT is free from being forced or coerced into doing any act. The grand scholar - Imam Rabbani RA has mentioned that the philosophers, due to their stupidity and ignorance, have understood the need for consent and to be forced as a sign of perfection and have negated the intervention of Allah Ta'ala in the creation of things. These philosophers have taken the Ever-Existent to be useless and ineffectual. They have attributed the creation of things to something other than Allah Ta'ala, which is merely a figment of their imagination. They have no relation to the Being of Allah Ta'aia. Hence at the time of difficulty and adversities, these ignoramuses should seek refuge in their imaginary creator, and not turn to Allah Ta 'ala. They have not linked and related the first creation of the universe to Allah Ta'ala.

According to them, Allah Ta'ala does not have a choice in actions, in fact they believe Him to be subservient to asking for consent and force, Na'udzubillah. They believe that Allah Ta'ala does not have the ability to ward off calamities, hence their asking Him for help would be futile and of no benefit, Na'udzubillah.

This deviant group of philosophers belie, deny, mock and scoff at the Divine revelations.

When the message of the Nubuwwat of the Prophet Isa AS reached Plato, who was the leader of the Greek philosophers, he commented:

"We are a nation that is guided, we have no need for a guide (or teacher)."

What Plato should have done was go and meet Isa AS and witnessed first-hand how he (with the Order of Allah Ta'ala) used to make the dead alive, cure the blind and the lepers. Plato made this statement without any investigations into the qualities of Isa AS. This proves his pride and arrogance.

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