Sunday, 4 March 2007

Aqidah 105

Allah Ta'ala is knowledgeable of every group and individual. There is not a single particle that exists in the skies or the earths that is beyond Allah's Knowledge. Obviously, it follows that since Allah Ta'ala has created everything, He must necessarily be aware of it all. It is not possible that the creator of a thing is unaware of its existence.

"Do they know who has created? It is the Most Subtle and All-Knowing."

Some unfortunate and stupid people (philosophers, etc.) are such that they do not accept that Allah Ta'ala is aware of everything and yet they understand their own stupidity to be "perfect thinking". The fact is - the quality of perfect Knowledge is an eternal and all-encompassing quality of Allah SWT.

Allah is fully aware of the various conditions and opposing factors of everything in the universe at one and the same time. Allah's knowledge encompasses every aspect of the universe. At any given moment, He knows whether a person, by the name of Zaid- is alive or non-existent, sick or healthy, honourable or disgraced, and so on. Since time immemorial until eternity, Allah's Knowledge is so all-encompassing that there never is, was or will be even the slightest change or deificiency.

When a person can identify at one and the same time the different types and conditions of a word, that is at any given time one can identify whether a word is a noun or verb or conjunction, whether it is a three-letter word or a four letter word, whether it is a declinable or non-declinable word, and so on. When a person can identify in detail the condition and type of one word at the same time, then can it ever be possible that the Most Knowledgeable, All-Knowing, All-Encompassing not know about the various different conditions and specifications of the entire universe at one and the same time? Nothing of the future and past, is out of the knowledge of Allah. Every other aspect of time and place, is in the Knowledge of Allah Ta'ala. Allah's quality of Knowledge is unlimited. Everything in the Knowledge of Allah Ta'ala is all-encompassing, all the time.

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