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The Noble Character & Habits of Rasulullah SAW 4701

Khaarijah bin Zayd bin Thaabit RA says that a group came to Zayd bin Thaabit RA (his father) and requested him to describe to them some facts about Rasulullah SAW.

He replied:

"What can I describe to you of Rasulullah SAW. (It is beyond my means to describe them). I was the neighbour of Rasulullah SAW. (Therefore he was mostly present and knew many facts. He was also a writer of the wahi-revelation). When wahi was revealed to Rasulullah SAW, he sent for me, I came and wrote it. (Rasulullah SAW always showed kindness, and made us feel at ease).

Whatever we discussed, he discussed the same. If we discussed some worldly affairs, he also spoke of it. (It was not that he only spoke about the Hereafter to us, and despised the talking of worldly affairs). When we spoke of the Hereafter, he too spoke of the Hereafter. When we began speaking of the Hereafter, he described its events etc. in detail). When we spoke of food, Rasulullah SAW also spoke of it. (Its etiquettes, benefits, tasty foods, foods that are harmful, etc.) All this I am saying are facts on Rasulullah SAW."


Many things are mentioned in this hadith, of which many have been explained in the hadith (in brackets). The translation of the last sentence according to the Ulama is as mentioned above.

According to the Ulama, in the beginning of the hadith where it is mentioned:

"What can I describe to you of Rasulullah SAW" is connected to this last sentence, and the translation will be this that 'I can describe to you all the conditions of Rasulullah SAW. Whatever type of question you may ask me about, I will explain it to you, as I was a neighbour of Rasulullah SAW and also the writer of the wahi (revelation). Every religious and worldly activity, eating, drinking etc. was found among the practices of Rasulullah SAW, therefore what should I describe to you and what can I say, as every memoir of his is wonderful, and every time and condition beautiful'.

In this hadith Zayd RA said - when wahi was revealed, he was called. This was mostly done because he lived nearest to Rasulullah SAW. There were other Sahabah RA also who wrote the wahi, among them were Saiyidina Uthman RA, Saiyidina 'Ali RA, Saiyidina Ubayy RA, Saiyidina Mu'awiyah RA, Saiyidina Khalid bin Sa'd RA, Saiyidina Hanzalah RA, Saiyidina 'Alaa Hadrami RA, and Saiyidina Abaan bin Sa'eed RA. These nine Sahabah RA wrote the wahi (revelation).

In the above hadith a question may arise, that speaking of worldly affairs such as eating, drinking etc. is a useless conversation, and it was the noble habit of Saiyidina Rasulullah SAW not to waste time in useless things, as has been mentioned in many Ahadith. It has also been, mentioned in hadith that Saiyidina Rasulullah SAW controlled his tongue and spoke only that which was necessary. What is the explanation to this?

The reply to that is that - Not every worldly discussion is useless, but many discussions about eating and drinking and other worldly affairs are necessary, and were infact wajib for Rasulullah SAW.

Among these, are what is permissible and not permissible, what is good or bad, etc. can only be known if Rasulullah SAW explained them, or when they were discussed before him he did not comment on them.

It has also been mentioned in the above hadith that Rasulullah SAW inquired about the people and encouraged their good deeds and explained to them the detrimental effects of bad deeds. It is for this reason that worldly affairs were discussed in the gathering of Rasulullah SAW, and not for the sake of wasting time.

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