Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Lives Of The Pious 101

Our pious predecessors have understood the Deen of Allah as well as the essence of this life and its inescapable leading to the Hereafter. So they felt aversion for the distractions and the tribulations of the world. They found no sleep and their heart kept away from desires. They kept above the insignificant concerns of life. Their biographies abound with stories that show their striving in righteousness, repentance and their strong will in worship and humbleness.

Al-Hasan Al-Basri RA said:

"Whoever competes with you in the Deen then try to surpass him, and whoever competes with you in the matters of this life then throw it back at him."

Whenever he missed a Solat in congregation, Abdullah ibn Umar RA used to fast one day, pray for one whole night, and free one slave.

Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari RA used to apply himself so much in worship at the end of his life that he was told:

"Why don't you slow down and be gentle with yourself?”

He replied:

"When the horses are released for a race and are close to the finish line, they give all the strength they have. What is left of my life is less than that."

He maintained the same level of devotion and worship until he died.

Mawriq Al-'Ajli RA said:

"I did not find an example, for the believer in this life, better than a man on a plank in the sea, imploring, 'O Lord, O Lord' hoping that Allah will save him."

Usamah RA said:

"Whenever you see Sufyan Ath-Thawri RA, it is as if you see someone in 'a ship fearing to drown', one would often hear him say, 'O Lord, save me, save me!'."

Fatima binti Abdul Malik RA, the wife of the Khalifah Umar ibn Abdul Aziz RA said:

"I have never seen a person offering solat or fasting more than he did, or a person fearing the Lord more than him. After offering Solat-ul-Ishaa', he would sit down and cry until he becomes sleepy, then be would wake up again and continue crying until sleep overtakes him."

Amir ibn Abdullah RA was once asked:

"How can you tolerate being awake all night, and thirsty in the intense heat of the day?"

He replied:

"Is it anything more that postponing the food of the day to night time, and the sleep of the night to daytime? This is not a big matter."

When the night came, he would say:

"Remembrance of the heat of hellfire has taken sleepiness from me."

And he would not sleep until dawn.

Ahmad ibn Harb RA said:

"I wonder how the one who knows that above him, Paradise is being embellished, and below him, Hell fire is being kindled, and yet sleeps between them!"

Waqi' RA said:

"Al Amash RA was almost seventy years old and he never missed the first takbir (for solat in the masjid). I used to visit him frequently for more than two years and never saw him make up for even one raka'at."

Abu Hayan RA related that his father said:

"Ar-Rabi' ibn Khuthayim RA was crippled and used to be carried to the congregational solat. So people told him:

'You have all excuse (for not coming)',

he said: 'I hear 'Haya 'alas-solah', the call to solah; so if you can come to it even by crawling, do so," paraphrasing a Hadith.

Abul-Mawahib ibn Sarsari RA said concerning Imaam Abul-Qasim ibn Asakir RA:

"I have never seen the like of him, and none had encompassed as many good characteristics as he did concerning his adherence to one way for forty years, making solat in the first row unless he had all excuse, I'tikaaf during Ramadhan and the ten days of Zulhijjah, and the lack of desire to accumulate properties and build houses, as he forbade himself these. He turned away any position of Imam or speaker, though they were offered to him, and he devoted himself to enjoin good and forbid evil, and he would not fear anyone in that."

So my friends, these are the same people who will, on the Day of Judgement - BEG the Mercy of Allah. Is it that we only lay our Hopes without Effort? Whilst our desires are fulfilled and our hearts remain indifferent on the reminders of punishments, Hell, and other difficulties in the Akhirah? must be joking !

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