Friday, 2 February 2007

Allah's Love & Compassion

At one place in the Qur'an, Allah Ta'ala states:

"Shall We utterly ignore you because ye are a wanton folk?" (Surah 43: Ayat 5)

In other words, is it as if to say:

"Oh dear! You have debased yourself somewhat. So, shall We stop advising you?"

Even a human being of an average mind can digest and observe how lovingly Allah SWT has put His reprimand and reminder.

That individual with a soft heart, one who has even the slightest thread of mahabbat for Allah Almighty, should break down into tears on hearing this.

Or should we not?

How excellent is not Allah's Mercy!

How excellent is not Allah's affection!

How much hope is He not instilling!

Let us just ponder what Allah Ta'ala is saying:

So, shall We stop advising you?

How can that happen when, in actual fact, I have created you?

Now then, just look at yourself, what have you turned yourself into?

But, despite My admonitions why are you not taking heed and why are you not turning towards good?

No matter how much you have dropped below the boundaries should I stop giving you advice?

That will not happen!

From here onwards you look at yourself: To what degree do you have sensibility within yourself?

You gauge for yourself.

I am pulling you towards Me. I am giving you nasihat." ("Nasihat" implying "having your welfare at heart".)

Are we listening and taking heed or not? Let us ponder on the above.

So my brothers and sisters, then again Allah Ta'ala has made a very endearing statement, a very powerful one, full of compassion.

These are statements meant for those who have living hearts.

We are all claiming, or hoping to be mu'meen are sitting where we are now, and which mu'meen is such that he does not possess a living heart?

Yes, it is a different matter that there are differences between one heart and another, one being very soft and another not so soft. But verily, it can never be that a mu'meen's heart is like stone, and it should also never be so! Na'udzubillah.

And yet at a different place in the Qur'an, Allah SWT states:

"What can Allah gain by your punishment if you are grateful and you believe? Nay, it is Allah that recognises (all good) and knows all things." (Surah 4: Ayat 147)

Have we pondered over this my dear brothers and sisters?

This is a very enchanting statement - a very enrapturing statement; a statement to set the heart aflame; a touching statement to melt the heart! What an amazing tone has been used.

Let us ask ourselves, again and again - what will Allah Ta'ala gain by punishing you?

What an endearing statement!

Am I listening?

What will Allah Ta'ala gain by punishing you?

It is such that it would cause the true and sincere hearts to weep, and tear to pieces!

Indeed, tears may or may not gush from one's eyes, but the heart weeps!

What will Allah Ta'ala gain by punishing you?

What will it benefit Allah Ta'ala to cause you grief?

What will He gain by beating you?

How will He benefit by causing you injury or harm?

What? Will there be an increase in the Grandeur of Allah Ta'ala, as we see with important worldly people?What happens with important worldly people is that somebody utters something that offends them. Arrogantly they command, "Bring that culprit here!" He is brought forth. "Beat him up! Bash him up! " So this so-called master's honour has risen! He has vanquished a poor weak man and made an impression - He is a man of great strength! He is a man of power! He is a man of influence! His esteem has gone up! In hushed tones people would whisper to one another, "Never mind this poor wretch, even great ministers would be dealt with in this way."

However, the Master of All Masters, Allah Ta'ala states:"What will I gain by punishing you, by causing droughts, by causing you takleef (inconveniences), by causing you sorrow?Will My honour and grandeur increase thereby?My honour and grandeur is as it was. There is no question of increase and decrease, of becoming more or getting less."Allah Ta'ala is not such that His qualities increase or decrease, that they rise and decline, that they ascend and descend in status, that His superiority can wax and wane.

My dearest brothers and sisters, Allah Ta'ala is not like that. This is an absolute principle that He is not like that. And when He is not like that, then think for yourself: What can Allah Ta'ala gain by your punishment?However, if we wish to summon punishment onto ourself then that is our affair! In any case, this is a most beautiful ayat, is it not?

My dearest brothers and sisters, one's gaze should fall on all ayats whenever one recites the Qur'anul Kareem.

So, in conjunction with this one take the following:

Allah Ta'ala is saying:

"I have already stated to you: Your Lord has prescribed for Himself mercy." (Surah 6: Ayat 54)

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