Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Seal Of Prophethood Of Nabi SAW - 202

Jaabir bin Samurah RA reports:

"I saw the Seal of Prophethood of Rasullullah (SAW) between his two shoulders, which was like a red tumour (protruding flesh), the size of which was like that of a pigeon's egg."


There are various and different narrations regarding the size and colour of the physical Seal of Prophethood of Rasulullah SAW. Imam Qurtubi RA has reconciled these by sayimg that the size changed from time to time, as did the colour. Also, as further explained by the Ulama, this reconciliation may also be possible, that in reality all these are similarities, and every similarity is according to a person's understanding, which is an approximate state. There is no disagreement in explaining approximates. This is a more appropriate explanation

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