Sunday, 7 January 2007

Purification of The Heart - Important Basics 103

MA'MULAAT (Daily Practises)

Istiqamah in crucial to develop Islaah of the heart via Ma'mulaat. The practise of sometimes completing one's Ma'mulaat and at other times neglecting them must be completely refrained from. One cannot progress in this manner. Constancy is absolutely necessary.

According to the Hadith, the best of actions is that upon which one is steadfast.

Without this constancy one cannot achieve the Islaah of one's Nafs (the purification and reformation of the inner self).

As for the sins towards which one is inclined, a person should ponder deeply with regards to the harms of such sins in this world and the punishment in the Hereafter. We should contemplate upon the end result of committing such sins. InshaAllah, one will be blessed with the ability to refrain from them.

To motivate ourselves, and increase are drive and desire to perform good deeds, we should make time to read about the virtues about good actions such as Solat, Zikr, Tilawaat and Du'a. We should keep in mind the benefits one will receive from these actions, both in this world as well as in the Hereafter. InshaAllah, we will gain the Taufiq, i.e. the ability of fulfilling these actions.


When reciting the Qur'an, a person should meditate upon the fact that he/she is reciting to Allah SWT.

At least - we should be like a student who is reciting to his Ustaaz, while the awe of the Ustaaz has engulfed him. Hence we should recite the Qur'an with the intention that we are reciting to Allah Ta'ala in such a manner as if we can see him. This will create the desire and enthusiasm.

Also we must remember that Du'a is the essence of Ibadah. Whether it is Zikr, Tilawaat or Solat, the essence of it all is in Du'a.

While keeping in mind of Allah Ta'ala favours and His kindness, we should engage in Du'a with much humility. We should have it engraved in our hearts that it is only Allah who can accept ones Du'as and solve ones problems.

Allah SWT has exalted us:

"call unto Me, I will accept."

So special it is, that whosoever is granted the gift of Dua, unlimited mercies are showered upon him / her.


To motivate a person to think about the time he/she has used to make Islaah of his heart, that person can ponder on the amount of time, health and wealth that has been invented since childhood on secular education. Most of us have at least spent ten years in primary and secondary school. For the purpose of acquiring knowledge, we left our homes for a long duration of time. Our days were then spent in lessons and the nights in studying and revision. We also worked hard and sat for various examinations. Now consider that in contrast to this - how much of time have we dedicated ourselves to spiritual self-reformation? Have we spent at least one year? Have we attempted to curtail our other activities in order to acquire proper devotion? If not, is it then correct to complain of our spiritual condition, as our condition now is due to lack of time and effort. Even worse - are those who people who think that they can become good without Islah. For everything in life, effort is required, and what more that effort which will become means of salvation in Aakhirah.

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