Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Noble Features of Rasulullah SAW 106

It is related from Ibrahim bin Muhammad RA who is from the sons (grandsons) of Ali RA, that whenever Ali RA described the noble features of Rasulullah SAW he used to say:

Rasulullah (SAW) was neither very tall nor short, but of a medium stature among people.

His hair was neither very curly nor very straight, but had a slight wave in it.

He did not have a big body nor a round face, but his mubarak face was slightly round (meaning he did not have a fully round face nor a fully elongated face, bur in between the two).

The complexion of Rasulullah (SAW) was white with redness in it.

The mubarak eyes of Rasulullah (SAW) were extremely black. His eyelashes were long.

The joints of the body (e.g. elbows and knees etc.) were large, likewise the portion between the two shoulders was broad and fully fleshed.

There was no hair (more than normal) on his body. (Some people have profuse hair on their body. Rasulullah SAW did not have hair on the parts of his body, besides places like the arms and legs etc.) He had a thin line of hair running from the chest to the navel.

The hands and feet of Rasulullah (SAW) were fully fleshed.

When he walked, he lifted his legs with vigour, as if he were descending to a low-lying place.

When he addressed a person he turned his whole body towards that person. (He did not only turn his face towards the person he addressed, as this is considered impolite, and sometimes, it even denotes pride. Rasulullah SAW faced the person he spoke to, with his chest and body.)

The Seal of Prophethood was situated between his shoulders.

He was the last of all Prophets. He was the most generous and the most truthful. He was the most kind-hearted and came from a most noble family. (It means his character, family background and everything else was of the best).

Any person who saw him suddenly would become awe-inspired. Rasulullah (SAW) had such a great personality and dignity, that the person who saw him for the first time, because of his awe-inspiring personality, would be overcome with a feeling of profound respect.

Firstly, there is a ra'b (awe) for physical beauty, with this - when other Kamaalat are added what more could then be said of the ra'b (awe). Besides, the special attributes and qualities granted to Rasulullah (SAW) ra'b (awe) is also one of the special qualities granted to him.

Anyone who came in close contact with him, and knew his excellent character was smitten with the love of his excellent attributes.

Anyone who described his noble features can only say:

"I have not seen anyone like Rasulullah (SAW) neither before nor after him."

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