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Life in this world is a test.
We have been sent into this world to be tested.

For every test, there is a result at the end.

If the results and the outcomes are good -then there is a reward for us.
If the results and the outcome is not good - then there is punishment.

For this great test, the reward in the Hereafter is also great and similarly - the punishment is also very severe. And for this punishment, those that fail will have to spend the rest of their time in Jahannam (Hell).

The Colour Of Jahannam

This is a place of grief and sorrow. Its torments and troubles are far beyond imagination. It was fanned for a thousand years till it became quite red, then it was fanned for a further thousand years till it became white, and again it was fanned for a thousand years till it became black. Now it is quite black and dark.

The Size Of Jahannam

Distress, dismay and destruction will await one who is thrown here. Joy and happiness will be unknown. Death will have been sacrificed in the form of a Ram, so there will be no hope of that either. This place is vast. If a stone were to be thrown into its depth, it would take approximately seventy years to reach the surface. The fire, which awaits the dwellers, is seventy times more severe than anything similar to it in this world.

It is mentioned in the Qur'an:

"The day we will ask Jahannam: 'Are you full?' It will say: 'Are there any more (to come)?' " (Surah 50: Ayat 30)

From this verse we understand how big Jahannam is that it will never be full and it will always ask for more people. The depth of Jahannam is so great that if a rock were dropped into Jahannam, it will remain plummeting for 70 years before touching the bottom.

The Minimal Punishment For The Dwellers of Jahannam

No one would like to come here. It is a dreadful place. When it will be brought forth, it will have seventy thousand reigns, each one pulled by seventy thousand Angels. Imagine the sky! What chances of escaping! This is a place of punishments. All wrongs will be dealt with. Punishments will be in various categories. The person who will be subjected to the least punishment here shall have two shoes of fire on his/her feet. And by the heat, his/her brain will be boiling like a kettle on fire. The person will feel like his/her punishment is the severest and no one else is under more punishment than he or she. Such is the pain.

There will be fierce looking angels inflicting various types of punishment for the different sins committed by the people. The Qur'an and Hadith have mentioned the different types of punishments.

For example, boiling water will be poured over the heads, lips will be cut with scissors of fire and so on. The fire of Jahannam has turned black because of its heat. There is no light and it will be pitch black. The food will be poisonous thorny trees and the drink will be the blood and pus from the washing of wounds.

The Inhabitants of Jahannam?

By looking at the Qur'an and Hadith, we understand that people who preach without practice, those who use utensils of gold and silver, those who are arrogant and those who take pictures are to be amongst the very many who will be punished. The above mentioned are only a few.

How To Avoid Jahannam?

People will want to stay many miles away from here. And why not? Many fortunate ones won't even have to go near, many others will have no choice! The greatest news for us is that the Creator of this horrible place has indeed informed us of all things to be careful of, to avoid this place, and this we have been told through His Holy Qur'an and His Noble Messenger Muhammad SAW.

We must not ascribe partners to Him, and this is called Shirk.

We must not be careless of the times of Solat and we must offer Solat punctually.

No fit and healthy person should miss out the Fast in Ramadhan.

Whoever has the means should give zakat and perform the Hajj.

There are many other things as well, small things and big ones. These include prohibited actions or words - Intentional or unintentional. Any one of them could lead to this wicked place - swearing, slandering, backbiting, stealing, drinking wine, drugs, haraam food, unlawful actions, etc. Any of these could lead to destruction.

It is most important that we study the Holy Qur'an and the Seerah / Lifestyle of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW to know how to lead our lives in this temporary material world, so that we be successful in the Hereafter, and to be able to safeguard ourselves from Jahannam.

"Truly Hell is a place of ambush. For the transgressors a place of dwelling. They will abide therein for ages. Nothing cool shall they taste therein, Nor any drink. Except boiling water, and dirty wound discharges. An exact recompense (according to their crimes). For that they used not to look for any account. But they (impudently) treated Our signs as false. And all things have We preserved on record. So taste ye (the fruits of your deeds); For no increase shall We grant you; Except in Chastisement." (Surah An-Nabaa: Ayat 21~30)

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