Friday, 5 January 2007

In What Language Should Du'a Be Made ?

The true language for asking from Allah Ta'ala is not in the form of words which express our requisitions.

The language is our HEART.

What we are truly wishing for from our real life, is in actual fact what we are asking for from our Creator.

Allah SWT does not look at our words, Allah looks at us. Ourselves.

When a child asks his mother for some bread, it is highly unlikely that the mother will place hot ashes in his hand. So let us remember this that Allah has even MORE Mercy upon His servants than this.

It is never possible that we ask Allah Ta'ala for the inculcation of Taqwa i.e. fear in Allah in our hearts but in return Allah makes us hard-hearted. Or - that we ask for the inculcation of Allah's remembrance in our hearts, but in return Allah makes us oblivious to this. Or - that we ask for zeal for the Hereafter, but in return Allah involves us with the love for this world. Or - that we ask for sincere religious inclination, but in return Allah leaves us in an insincere religious state. Or - that we ask for true faith and godliness, but in return Allah leaves us tied up in the darkness of selfish devotions.

Hence, if in our heart's language such things to be desired do not exist, then this proves the fact that we have as yet, not asked from Allah Ta'ala.

If we wish to purchase some milk and we set off for the market with a strainer, it is obvious that even after spending money, we will return empty handed. Similarly, if we repeat the words of supplication (du'a) continuously, yet our real self is drawn elsewhere, then it must be known that neither have we asked nor have we achieved. Whoever TRULY asks, is never left deprived.

Let us remember this - that it is against the Honour of Allah - the Owner of the Universe, that He may leave any one of His servants in such a situation, that on the Day of Judgement when the servant is brought in the presence of Allah, the servant will look at Allah longingly, full of regret and say, "O, Allah! I asked from you one thing but you never gave it to me."

By the name of Allah, this is impossible.

The Owner of the Universe comes close by to us every morning and evening with His entire treasures and says:

"Who shall ask from me that I may give him?"


Shame On Us.

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