Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Sufism 101

Sufism is a process of spiritual upliftment. It is a way of reforming oneself and attaining closeness to Allah Ta'ala.

Spiritual upliftment, reformation and attaining closeness to Allah are orders replete in the Qur'an. If it is possible for any individual to reform himself, he should do so.

However, it is generally noticed that individuals experience difficulties in reforming themselves and seek assistance of a spiritual guide who is pious and adhere to Shari'ah in reforming themselves. The practise of taking allegiance (Bai'at) and following the guidance of one's spiritual mentor is called Sufism.

Sufism does not negate the need for knowledge of the Shari'ah, connection with the Ulama and fulfilling the entities of Akhlak (Character & Mannerism), Mu'amalat (Business Dealings) and Mu'asharat (Social Dealings). All these too are uncompromisable integrals of Deen.

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