Thursday, 7 December 2006

Shi'ites - Basic Understanding Imperative


The protracted contrariety between Islam and Shi'ism is but a clear reflection of fundamental differences between the two. The only common denominator between Islam and Shi'ism is the Islamic Kalimah. The rest ofShi'ism has very little in common with mainstream Islam. The unbridgeable divide between the two is entrenched in some of the core fundamentals of this sect, such as:

The Twelve Imaams
To Shi'ites, Imaamah is a divine station like Nubuwwat. This implies that Sunnis, who do not believe in Imaamah, are unbelievers. According to their beliefs, Allah had chosen twelve men to succees Nabi SAW. Thetwelfth Imaam however disappeared at the age of five. He is believed to be the awaited Mahdi.

The Status Of the Imaams
The Shi'ites believe that the Imaams possess more knowledge than the Ambiyaa. They are superior to the Ambiyaa and the entire creation. Shi'tes hold that their Imaams can bring the dead back to life. No knowledge of the heavens and the earth is hidden from them.

The Interpolation of the Noble Qur'an
To the Shi'ite sect, the Qur'an is incomplete and distorted in its present form. This tenet had been explicity propounded by the classical scholars of Shi'ism, but frugally denied by their contemporary scholars like Khomeini.

Accusation On The Vilification And Apostasy Of The Sahabah RA
Shi'ites believe that the Sahabah RA were guilty of wilfully distorting and corrupting the Deen of Muhammad SAW. They somehow turned renegade after the demise of Nabi SAW except the immediate household of Nabi Muhammad SAW. This is what the Shi'ites believe.

The Permissibility of Mut'ah
Temporary Marriage. This is something that does not need a lengthy explanation for the intelligent minds. Its notions are baseless.

Taqiyya - A Virtue Held by Those of the Shi'ite Faith
The Shi'ite faith allow lying to those who are not Shi'ites in reason of protecting their religion.

A Final Note
Islam and Shi'ism are two parallel streams of thought that can never converge. They are as distinct from each other, as is Islam to the Ahlul-Kitaab. To ignore these differences is to ignore the stark reality. The often repeated hallowed call for "Muslim Unity" simply serves as a smokescreen, behind which Shi'ite missionaries penetrate Muslim societies. Any attempt to resist this imposition is branded as "divisive".

Would it be divisive to protect Islam from a sect that inherently debases the Qur'an,the Ambiyaa, and the Sahabah? Unity can only be forged on the basis of Aqidah (belief). To label these differences as 'hair splitting issues' is to undermine the sanctity of the Qur'an, the Ambiyaa and the Sahabah unity at the cost of the Qur'an is tantamount to blasphemy. Shi'ites are not Muslims.

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