Sunday, 17 December 2006

New Muslims - The Qur'an & Using Its Translation In Solat

The scholars of Islam have explained that it is permissible for a new Muslim to recite the translation of the Qur'an in Solat until he/she learns Arabic.

Nevertheless, the new Muslim should also be aware that the minimum amount needed to fulfill the basic requisites in Solat is very little. All that is requested is some patience for the first few weeks and months after embracing Islam.

A new Muslim should not be:

1. Despondent - and think that the Arabic requisites is too difficult to learn.

2. Complacent - to think that continuing with the translation of the Qur'an is sufficient for purpose of worship, as this is not the case.

We should try our best within our true capacities InshaAllah. The true Judge is Allah, the All-Knowing.

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