Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Mahr / Dowry / Mas Kawin - What Amount Should It Be ?

The minimum Mahr is ten Dirhams (approximately 31 grams of silver).

TheMahr given to the wives of Rasulullah SAW was 500Dirhams (approximately 1530 grams of silver).

The Fuqaha differ in their opinions regarding the exact amount of Mahr Faatimi (the Mahr of Fatimah RA in her marriage with Saiyidina Ali RA).

The majority of the Fuqahaa state that it is four hundred Mithqaal (approximately 1750 grams of silver).

If the Mahr is given as Mahr Faatimi for the nikah, it must be specified (exact amount in the currency of the country) at the time of the Nikah ceremony; as the price of silver fluctuates .

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