Saturday, 9 December 2006

Jin Sitting On The Body ?

Some people complain that sometimes when they sleep, when they wake up, they find that they can open their eyes but cannot move the rest of their body. It seems as if the body is paralysed.

Sometimes, sensations are reported as worse and more dramatic. Many attribute this phenomenon to the work of Syaitaan or Jinn.

Actually, there could be many reasons for these sensations. It is also possible that it is the evil of the Syaitaan or Jinn.

As a remedy, before sleeping, a Muslim should recite the last four Quls of the Qur'an, blow it on his / her hands and pass them over the entire body. It is also important to make wudhu and recite Ayatul Qursi before retiring to sleep. This will protect oneself from these discomforts InshaAllah. If a Muslim observes and practices the etiquettes of sleeping of Rasulullah SAW, then InshaAllah he / she will be protected.

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