Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Jamaah With Wife & Children ?

A male must perform his fardh Solat with Jamaah in the Masjid.

Solat with Jamaah in the Masjid is 25 to 27 times superior than Solat performed at home. The Prophet SAW also admonished men who did not read solat in the Masjid.

Women should read Solat individually in their homes. As their husbands leave for the mosque to perform fardh solat with jamaah, they will obtain the same reward as those praying in jemaah.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

"The Solat of women in the inner part of their house is more virtuous than the Solat made in the general part of the house." (Mishkat)

However, if a male for some legitimate Shar'ee reason did not read his Solat in the Masjid, he may read his Solat with the women of the house (mother, sister, wife, etc.) with Jamaah provided the women stand behind the male.

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