Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Dude Slams Ulama On Chess

I had this in my notes. Just to share.

Question From Dude:

Chess is not a waste of time. I don't agree with you. You state "chess and games of its like are generally addictive and in addition to it are a complete waste of valuable time". I am living proof that chess is not a waste of time. When I was a child, at about 5 years old, my dad taught me chess. I played it several hours a day, and went to many competitions. I gave it up at the age of 16. Chess really set the foundations in my mind. It is a game of logic, tactics, and problem solving. All these things have been forged into my mind, and is part of my everday behavior. I study at one of the UK's top universities now. All of it was down to chess (and Allah of course).

Answer From The Scholars Of Islam:

The actual reason for the prohibition of chess is not because it has no benefit. The prohibition, in fact, stems from the Ahadith. (One of them) Nabi SAW said:

"Whoever plays blackgammon or chess is as though has immersed his hands into the blood of pig." (Nasbur Raayah: Volume 4)

There are many actions, which, in spite of having benefit are prohibited because the harms outweigh its benefits. Allah mentions about wine:

"the wrong in them is greater than the benefit." (Al-Baqarah: Ayat 217).

Similar is the case of chess, even it has certain benefits, but the harm is greater than the benefit which causes a person to spend hours and even days at a time on it, thus, distracting a person from his purpose of creation which is to worship his creator.

According to the Shafi’i Mazhab, it is permissible on condition that it does not prevent from performing your Fardh (compulsory) duties because it sharpens the mind. However, if you are a Hanafi, you are bound to follow the Hanafi ruling.

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