Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Masjid Bazars ?

In today's day and age, many mosques arrange and organise bazars and family days to raise funds, with booths set up that sell things, and men and women invited. Is this permissible?

Rasulullah SAW says:

"'Whoever imitates a nation is among them."

It is an undeniable fact that today carnivals, fetes and events have become a hallmark of the non-Muslims. Besides, it is events of this nature that many laws of Allah Ta'ala are transgressed, of which intermingling of the sexes is foremost.

Furthermore, the primary drawcard in these events is the entertainment. It is this fundamental point that adds to the transgression. If the donor is sincere in his purpose, he would donate his money without going there and by being anonymous. In fact, if such people contributed their monies before-hand, it would have saved the Muslim organisations from stooping to these levels.

How can such funds, derived through events where prohibited practices occur, contain Barkat? How can such monies accumulated with Allah's wrath be used to please Allah?

There were many ways in which Rasulullah SAW and his Companions RA used to raise money but most definitely not the fund-raising events of today. The mosque is not a bazar. The mosque is not a fun-fair.

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