Monday, 18 December 2006

Boss Doesn't Allow Friday Prayers

Jummu'ah (Friday Prayers) is a salient feature of Islam.

Unfortunately in today's society - both Non-Muslims and the ignorant and worldly-minded among fasiq Muslims ignore the importance of this weekly commandment of Allah on all mature male Muslims.

A male mature Muslim is not excused for not attending Jummu'ah. If he intentionally leaves this for three weeks in a row without valid excuse - he will leave Islam immediately.

Any person who is prevented by his employer or work colleagues from going to Friday prayers must exhaust every possible avenue to explain to his employers the importance of Jummu'ah Solat and make necessary adjustments to be able to perform it.

However still, if the employer is insistent in their stance, then it will not be sinful to still ignore and participate in the Jummu'ah solat. In countries like Malaysia, the right to attend Jummu'ah Solat is part of the law of the country and any Muslim who is prevented by his employers to attend Jummu'ah has a court case in hand. Any threats from the employer / colleague can be used as evidence, as those threats cannot be used by the employer.

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