Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Assumptions on Hell or Paradise

It is incorrect for any Muslim to determine the ultimate fate of any non-Muslim. It is possible that they accept Islam before death or die with Iman in their hearts.

We must also not say the opposite about people who are pious or religious. Statements like, "A person like him will definitely enter Paradise", must be avoided.

At the same token, we must also have the understanding of the boundaries of Islam, for if a person is not well acquainted in this aspect, then any actions, beliefs or characters will be compromised and absorbed in the name of good-thought.

Thus when Muslims are involved in actions which are Non-Islamic, reprimand is due.

It is also correct to say this about non-Muslims:

"If they continues to believe what they profess to believe, then they will not enter Paradise, and will be doomed to Hell forever."

However, we should not say this in front of non-Muslims as this may spark anger and conflict. Nevertheless a Muslim must know his stance in this matter, that the rulings are definite, but the knowledge of people's endings are only known to Allah SWT; and a Muslim must be clear in putting a distinction between Tolerance and Compromise.

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