Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Above Ankles 103

Despite the stern warnings of Rasulullah SAW concerning the wearing of the trouser below the ankle, some Muslim men totally disregard this Sunnah. In fact, many argue that this applies to a person who wears it below the ankle if pride settles in the heart.

Wearing the trousers below the ankle with pride is a major sin. And if worn without pride then too it is a major sin, except that should the trousers unintentionally drop below the ankle then there is no sin. This was the case of Hazrat Abu Bakr RA for which Rasulullah SAW excused him.

It is indeed sad to note that some people of the Ummah disregard its importance and largely take it for granted.

The warnings admonished by Rasulullah SAW are explicit and direct:

1. Rasulullah SAW said: "That which hangs below the ankle, will be in Jahannam. (Bukhari)

2. Once Abdullah bin Umar RA entered the gathering of Rasulullah SAW. He said: My trouser was hanging a little below my ankle when Rasulullah asked, "who is this"? 'I replied, Abdullah bin Umar'. Rasulullah SAW said, 'If you are Abdullah then raise your trouser above the ankle.' I immediately did likewise to the extent of half my shin. From that day onwards I formed a habit to wear my trouser above the ankle. (Musnad Ahmad)

3. It is reported in a hadith that three people whom Allah Ta'ala will not talk to nor look at and for them will be a terrible punishment. The narrator says that Rasulullah SAW repeated this three times. Then Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghifari RA commented saying that these people are indeed very unfortunate but who are they? Rasulullah SAW said - that person who hangs his trouser below the ankle, that person who does good deeds and lies and that person who takes a false oath to sell his goods. (Abu Dawud)

Explaining the situation Abdullah bin Umar RA says that the meaning of Rasulullah SAW's warnings refer to anything that hangs below the ankle i.e. when wearing the loin cloth (sarong / lungi etc.), trousers, jubahs etc.

At this point, it will suffice to say that our beloved Nabi SAW has presented a certain code of conduct (which forms part of the Sunnah) and should we claim to love Rasulullah SAW then follow his way - the only way for our salvation in this world and the Hereafter.

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